New Guidebook Explains Traffic Safety Services

Available now online on NTSS website

Bellevue’s Neighborhood Traffic Safety Services (NTSS) group does many things, including managing this blog.  But what else do we do? 

NTSS works with schools to manage traffic congestion, collaborates with residents to address speeding concerns, strives to develop innovative techniques to make streets a safe place for everyone, and more.  Now, the services offered by NTSS can be found in the Residential Traffic Guidebook, your one-stop-shop for services available to YOU to help preserve Bellevue’s already-high level of neighborhood livability.

The Guidebook contains information on how the traffic safety process works, how you can get invovled, descriptions, pictures, and benefits of numerous traffic safety tools (see below), and guidelines to implement them.  The Guidebook is online on the NTSS website.

You will also find information on why Bellevue doesn’t use Children-at-Play signs, how stop signs are used, and the use of speed limit signs. 

Below is a summary of the services available in the Guidebook.  The full Guidebook contains this index and detailed information for each tool. 

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