Contacting the RIGHT Person About More Than Traffic Concerns

Let’s face it.  With more and more people living and working in Bellevue, concerns about parking, speeding, and cut-through traffic are bound to increase.  Fortunately, the City is here to help address those concerns.

Just as there are numerous issues that may arise on City streets, there are different work groups tasked to address residents’ concerns.  As a resident, you are the eyes and ears for us providing an excellent opportunity for you to inform us of traffic conditions. 

Neighborhood Traffic Safety Services (NTSS) works with residents on education efforts and implementation of signing or traffic calming measures such as speed humps that address excessive vehicle speeds, non-local traffic, parking and accidents in neighborhoods.  If your concern falls into these categories, you can submit your concern to the City by completing a request for action

Since the launch of our blog “Streets are for Everyone” we have experienced a spike in the number of traffic safety concerns submitted.  Although NTSS staff is ready and willing to help, some concerns are best addressed through other City programs and staff.  Below is a list of some common questions received through our website and the best form to ensure that similar concerns are processed quickly.

In addition to submitting a concern, you can volunteer to borrow a radar dolly to address vehicle speeds on your street or apply for a stationary radar sign.  More information about these tools is below.

  • Radar Dolly: The portable radar unit has been effective in decreasing vehicle speeds in many areas of Bellevue.  You are allowed to borrow the unit for two weeks.
  • Stationary Radar Sign: These driver feedback signs use an internal radar unit that captures the speed of passing motorists and displays this speed onto a display board. Radar signs target excessive vehicle speeds by encouraging passing motorists to reduce their speed, if necessary.

If you have other non-transportation concerns and would like information at a quick push of the button, the “Report, Request, Ask” on the City’s website will get you started.

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