Comment on Neighborhood Sidewalk Proposals

Use the form below to comment on neighborhood sidewalk proposals or email

This is your chance to comment and help prioritize which neighborhood sidewalks will be built in Bellevue in 2013 and beyond.

Look at a Bellevue map.  What do you see?  You probably notice a smattering of curving, languid streets stretching from lake to lake.  The haphazard patterns were caused by development stretching back to the 1950s when the age of the automobile was in full swing.  Emphasis on a future of cars was envisioned rather than a future of sidewalks.

A lot has changed since the 1950s including the realization that Bellevue is full of people and people need to walk around.  Fortunately, in 2007 the Neighborhood Sidewalk Program was established to help address the sidewalk needs and priorities of the city’s many neighborhoods.

As the City prepares to select neighborhood sidewalk projects to build in 2013 and beyond, we first need your comments.  Do you want a sidewalk built near your house?  Built near your favorite park?  Want to improve connectivity to another sidewalk?  This is your opportunity to let us know.

A list of community-identified candidate projects has already been narrowed down.  Now we are asking for you to comment or indicate which candidate projects are important to you.  Your input is valued as the candidate list is further prioritized.

Here’s what to do:

  1. View the project list and project map 
  2. Comment and make recommendations either using the form below or emailing TransportationCIP [at] bellevuewa [dot] gov


Go to the Neighborhood Sidewalk Program page and submit comments using our interactive map.

Questions?  Contact Kristi Oosterveen ( or 425-452-4496.


The form that previously existed to allow for comment on specific projects has been removed as the commenting period is no longer open.

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