Back to School Edition

Yesterday was the first day of school.  Aside from the end of summer vacation, the start of school means there will be more people on our neighborhood streets as parents and school buses drop-off and pick-up children.  It can be frustrating getting stuck in school traffic while you are trying to get to work or home.  What if you had the resources to better plan your morning commute?  Did you know your children have other ways to get to school other than being driven in a car?

International Walk to School Day, October 3

This year’s International Walk to School Day is on Wednesday, October 3rd. This year marks the 16th year of the annual event that was started to promote the benefits of children walking and biking to school. It’s a great opportunity to join your community and share the importance of exercise with your kids. With modern technology, enjoying the outdoors is becoming less and less common with children; use this day to remind them how fun walking to school or the bus stops and being outside with their friends can be.

Walking School Bus

A walking school bus can make your commute smoother and also encourage children to lead a more active lifestyle.  A walking school bus is a group of children walking to school with one or more adults.  Volunteers in the neighborhood work with one another to create a schedule and timetable of all the planned meetings spots.  Much like waiting for a school bus, children wait at their designated stop until the walking school bus arrives.  They then join the walking group and pick up more students until they reach the school.

School Fines Doubled in School Zones

Did you know fines double in school zones? In case you missed it, we posted a story last week about fines being doubled in school zones

Flashing Beacons Reinforce Speed Limits Around School Zones

You’re running late on your way to work when suddenly you see a flashing yellow light ahead and inevitably a seemingly endless line of cars ahead.

Knowing the flashing beacon schedule enables you to make it to work on time, or maybe even early! All you need to know is when the nearby Elementary School’s flashing beacon starts, which you can find by referring to 2012-2013 School Flasher Schedule. Generally, the flashing beacons begin about a half hour before school starts and continues for 10 minutes after the first bell.  The beacons resume flashing in the afternoon 10 minutes prior to dismissal time followed by an additional 30 minutes. 

These flashing beacons have been installed as part of various improvement projects to make Bellevue an even safer city for your children. The flashing signs alert drivers to slow down when children are more likely present. We hope these improvement projects continue contributing to making Bellevue one of the best places to live in the country.

As a parent, it’s understandable that there are some hesitations to allowing children to walk or bike to school on their own. What is your primary reason? If you don’t have children in school, what would you perceive to the primary reason?

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