Colorful Addition to Intersection near Sherwood Forest Elementary

Did you ever notice those big metal boxes when you are waiting for a traffic light or the crosswalk signal?  Take a look.  They are everywhere throughout the City (positioned at 184 signalized intersections). 

They are utility boxes and contain the inner workings of what makes a traffic signal tick.  Usually, utility boxes blend into the landscape; you hardly notice them at all…until now. 

Fortunately, the City is excited to unveil the second wrapped utility box with art at 164th Ave NE and NE 24th St, near Sherwood Forest Elementary (the first utility boxes were wrapped in March in the Wilburton Neighborhood). The wraps, similar to the ones used for advertising on buses, feature children crossing at a crosswalk and Pedbee, the City’s traffic safety mascot who encourages onlookers to “stop, look and listen before you cross the street.” The artwork was designed by graphic designer Ben Van Dyken.

In addition to beautifying the neighborhood, the artwork is designed in such a way to deter graffiti.  Graffiti vandals beware!  The wraps’ slick surface repels spray paint, making it easy to remove graffiti. This is especially good news considering the City has spent more $500 per month this year to remove graffiti from the utility boxes.

Less graffiti and neighborhood art? Looks like a win-win!

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