Be a Good Neighbor: Trim Hedges, Create Safer Streets

Have you ever tried getting out of your driveway or turning on to a street and your view is blocked by a giant rhododendron bush or tree limbs?  While the landscaping may be nice to look at, vegetation that spills into the street or sidewalk not only creates a hazard for motorists but it also makes pedestrians and bicyclists less visible to other users of the street and sidewalk.  Maintaining clear sightlines are simple ways to keep streets safer!

To help reduce sightline concerns, the City has guidelines that property owners can follow to identify where trimming may be needed.  Generally, at corners or driveways, the bottom of the tree canopy should be at least 7.5 feet above the roadway surface and hedges should be shorter than 30 inches in height when measured from the roadway surface (see graphic above). 

Do your part to help keep streets safe for pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorists by keeping vegetation out of the street and sidewalk.

See Bellevue City Code 14.06.010 for further guidance.

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