Be a Good Neighbor: Clear the Walkway!

Cooler, cloudier weather has invaded Bellevue.  In other words: fall has arrived.  Fall in the PNW is a great time to walk in your neighborhood to enjoy the crisp, cool air before the chills of winter set in.  Fall also means vibrant leaves are covering the yards, rooftops, and sidewalks all over the city.   While festive, fallen leaves can create slippery situations on walkways.  You can help keep these walking routes safe by being a good neighbor or business owner and cleaning up leaves and sticks from the sidewalks and storm drains. Accumulated leaves around storm drains are a primary cause of street flooding in the fall.  After you are done raking your leaves (thank you!), be sure to place them in your yard waste bin or your personal compost system.  Your neighbors will surely appreciate the effort! 

Last week, we published a story on keeping your hedges trimmed–the first in a series of stories on being a good neighbor.  Each “Be a Good Neighbor” story will highlight a simple way to make your neighborhood more livable.  Periodically, additional stories will be published and will follow this theme. Each post will be and tagged with “Be a Good Neighbor” so you can easily access past stories.

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