Traffic Safety Concerns in Bellevue. Where are they?

Where have traffic safety concerns been raised in Bellevue’s neighborhoods? Well, in almost every part of city. 

Every day, residents from neighborhoods throughout the City contact transportation staff with concerns of speeding vehicles, cut-through traffic, sight-distance, parking, congestion around elementary schools, and more. Each concern received is taken seriously and responded to in various ways.  Some concerns are best addressed through education programs or signing, while others ultimately become projects that install physical measures such as radar signs and speed humps.

Generally, for concerns related to speeding and cut-through traffic, the first step is to develop a Traffic Action Plan (TAP).  TAPs are reports prepared by staff that summarize the issue, provide existing street conditions, share traffic data, results of field reviews and recommendations to help address the concern.  While every concern submitted to the City does not result in a TAP, there are many throughout the year that do.

The map below shows the location of TAPs completed during the past 5 years.  Each pin color represents a different year with the flags signifying schools.

Click on a pin to find a link to the report summarizing the concern and the action recommended.

The map is updated when a new TAP is created so be sure to come back to the blog often or bookmark the map page.  As reports are completed, they are updated to the Traffic Action Plans page of the NTSS website.  There, you can also sign up for email alerts so you receive a message each time a new TAP is uploaded.

Now you know where traffic concerns have been reviewed, how do you actually submit a traffic safety concern?  Easy.  Follow the instructions here.

The map can also be found on the Traffic Action Plans tab, located at the top of the blog.

Additional resources:

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