2012 on SAFE: A Recap

2012 on SAFEAt the beginning of 2012, Streets are for Everyone was just an idea kicking around yet to be realized.  The first half of the year was spent planning, designing, and writing to prepare for the July launch.  How the blog would be received was on everyone’s minds prior to the launch.  Fortunately, in six months, SAFE has attracted thousands of visitors from over 50 countries.

When launching, the goal was to publish every other week.  With 19 stories (including this one!) published in six months, we exceeded our goal.  Looking to 2013, we will continue to publish every other week with the opportunity for more stories as they arise. 

As we look toward the one year mark, we want to make sure we are covering the topics that are important to you. In the coming months, we will have stories on new LED lighting in Bellevue, what the black tubes are in the roadway, why people are spray painting markings on your lawn, and more. 

What stories do you want to see on SAFE in 2013?  Let us know in the comments.

Thanks for following us during the past 6 months! Stay tuned for more posts from Bellevue’s Neighborhood Traffic Safety Services Group!

PS: The Bellevue Transportation Department recently launched a Twitter feed so be sure to follow us to stay on top of alerts, impacts, and travel resources.

Here is a summary of our posts, in chronological order, along with the top-5 most read.  Enjoy and Happy New Year!

1. Welcome to Streets are for Everyone (6/27/12) – Our very first post describes how the Neighborhood Traffic Safety Services can help you make your neighborhood an even better place to live.

2. Neighborhood Streets ≠ Playground (6/27/12) – #1 most read. Explains how “Children at Play” signs can create a false sense of security.

3. To stop or not stop, is that even a question? (7/9/12) – #4 most read. Clarifies how the city decides when and where to use stop signs.

4. Annual Repaving Program Focused on City’s Main Thoroughfares (7/23/12) – Details the city’s annual repaving program.

5. New Guidebook Explains Traffic Safety Services (7/27/12) – Information on the City’s traffic safety services and how you can get involved.

6. Contacting the RIGHT Person About More Than Traffic Concerns (8/6/12) – Clarifies who to get in contact with to best serve your traffic and transportation needs.

7. What are those black rubber spikes in the roadway? (8/10/12)  – #2 most read. Explains those so-called black “spikes” you may have seen in the roadway.

8. Comment on Neighborhood Sidewalk Proposals (8/20/12) – Information about current sidewalk projects in Bellevue and the opportunity for you to suggest where the next sidewalks should be built.

9. Speeding in School Zones; Double the Trouble (8/22/12) –  Details the consequences of speeding in school zones.

10. Back to School Edition  (9/5/12) – Suggests alternative methods of getting your kids to school as well as information about the flashing beacons you may have seen in school zones.

11. Colorful Addition to Intersection near Sherwood Forest Elementary (9/11/12) -Newly decorated utility boxes near Sherwood Forest Elementary.

12. Be a Good Neighbor: Trim Hedges, Create Safer Streets (9/20/12) – Improve sightline distances for drivers and pedestrians.

13. Be a Good neighbor: Clear the Walkway! (10/1/12) – Keeping walkways clear for better pedestrian access.

14. Speed Humps: You Either Like Them or You Don’t (10/17/12) – #5 most read. Information on how speed humps are installed.

15. Should I Stay or Should I Go? Flashing Yellow Arrows Being Used in Bellevue (10/31/12) – #3 most read. New traffic signals give preference to those making left turns. 

16. Travel Smart During the Holidays (11/14/12) – Suggestions to ease travel on your holiday trips to Bellevue.

17. Driving in Snow and Ice in Bellevue (12/3/12) – Winter driving safety tips.

18. Traffic Safety Concerns in Bellevue. Where are they? (12/17/12) – A map showing where the City has developed Traffic Action Plans.

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