Radar Signs Installed Ahead of March 19 West Lake Sammamish Parkway Detour

At this point, the West Lake Sammamish Parkway (WLSP) southbound detour from SE 34th Street to I-90—scheduled to commence March 19 and last approximately 8 months—should come as no surprise.

While the closure will impact commuters and residents by potentially adding a few minutes to their trip, neighborhood residents adjacent to the detour area will deal with other effects from increased volume traveling on their streets.

To address increased volume and to remind drivers of the posted speed limit, NTSS recently installed 4 new stationary radar signs along SE 34th Street, 164th Place SE, and SE 38th Street.  Stationary radar signs display motorist’s speed and, if necessary, alert driver’s to reduce their speeds if they are exceeding the posted speed limit; the speed limit is 30 mph along SE 34th Street and 25 mph along 164th Place SE and SE 38th Street.


This radar sign on the north side of SE 34th Street just west of West Lake Sammamish Parkway was installed prior to the March 19 detour.

This radar sign on the north side of SE 34th Street just west of West Lake Sammamish Parkway was installed prior to the March 19 detour.

There had been an existing radar sign located on 164th Place SE south of SE 34th Street.  This sign, one of the first of its kind installed in the City, was positioned in such a way that its visibility was hindered by encroaching vegetation and the curve of the street.  With this installation, the sign was removed and relocated farther south where it will be more visible and thus effective at slowing southbound drivers.

WLSP Detour  


The southbound WLSP detour will begin Tuesday, March 19.  Access is limited to as far south as SE 34th Street.  Northbound access will remain open along with local access to businesses, schools, and recreational activities.  Though the northbound lane will be open, delays are still possible.  The 8-month southbound closure is necessary to expedite the completion of the project.  If both lanes were kept open, the construction timeline would double to 16 months.

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