Keeping in touch!

If you access this blog via Google Reader, you are probably aware that on July 1, Google is discontinuing this service. That means you need to find other ways to get here!

Fear not, for there are many other ways to make sure you don’t miss out any content.

  • RSS Feed: Obviously if you were a Google Reader user, then you know this blog (and every blog) is RSS enabled. So just subscribe using any aggregator or reader that isn’t, you know, Google Reader.
  • Email subscribe: The blog handily employs an email subscribe option. Just enter in your email address in the upper right corner of the page and have all new content hand-delivered to your inbox.
  • Share: Sharing our content on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or any other platform helps you share what’s important and casts a wider net for our audience. So Tweet, Like, and Pin until your hearts content.  Also, guaranteed karma points.
  • Bookmark/favorite: A low-tech favorite! Go ahead and favorite or bookmark the URL.
  • Follow us on Twitter: The Bellevue Transportation Department is on Twitter! Each new story on SAFE gets tweeted so you never miss a beat.
  • Remember the URL: Definitely the most low-tech and good for memory! Just type in the URL to check and see if new content is up.

Thanks for supporting safe streets in Bellevue and beyond!

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