We’re Ready for Winter Weather. Are You?

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Well, aside from some rain over the passes, we escaped the Thanksgiving holiday with minimal travel disruptions. Calmness in November, however, does not indicate calmness for the rest of the winter months. 

In the coming months when you are out and about—whether it’s a quick trip to the store or up to the mountains—be prepared for winter weather anytime, anywhere.

Last year, we posted some tips on how to best prepare for winter travel and what you should take with you when traveling.   This year, we want to reinforce and remind you that traveling in snow/ice takes planning, awareness, and caution. Remember, the best way to traveling during winter conditions is to avoid travel altogether.

When you are in Bellevue…

ExtremeWeather_SmallBe sure to sign up for the City’s extreme weather response alerts. Each time this City webpage is updated, you will receive either an email or text alerting you to the change.  This is the best way to see how the City plans to or is responding to extreme weather.

If you must travel, check the snow response priority map to plan your route along roadways that are more likely to be freshly plowed and check the real-time traffic map to see how traffic is flowing throughout the city.

If snow/ice hits, the city’s Twitter feeds will be pushing out information to our followers with road conditions, response efforts, and general updates (City, Transportation, Police, Fire, and Emergency Management).  Check for school closures on SchoolReport.org.

King County has great resources with tips on how to prepare for snow/ice and how to drive when the weather gets nasty.

Heading out of town…

While avoiding travel is best, who can resist the call of fresh powder in the mountains? Fortunately, there are plenty of resources outside of Bellevue to help you get you where you need to be when conditions get dicey.

If headed to the mountains, consult WSDOT’s pass report on Twitter (Snoqualmie, Stevens, Blewett, White). There, you can see whether there are travel restrictions, view real-time cameras, and check the mountain forecast).  When traveling, you can always call WSDOT’s 511 to get location-specific updates on road conditions.

This year, WSDOT introduced an easy-t0-read infographic reminding you what to have in the car when traveling during winter.  Do your part and be prepared for whatever comes our way this winter.


Regardless of whether you are traveling near or far, always be prepared for potenially hazardous conditions.  Check conditions, keep informed, and stay safe.

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