Traffic Lingo A to Z: Channelization

As with any field, sometimes we transportation professionals can use jargon terms that you may have heard but are not that familiar with. To clarify these terms, we have been publishing a twice-weekly Twitter feature on @BvueTrans to define them.

While 140 characters is great for some terms, sometimes we need a little extra room to explain a term here on Streets are for Everyone. Enter: channelization.

  channel labels3 This intersection in downtown Bellevue at NE 8th St and 112th Ave NE uses several different methods to channel traffic including medians, lane markings, curbing, islands and raised pavement markings. The purpose of these devices is to separate competing traffic flows.

At this intersection channelizing islands funnel traffic turning right allowing traffic to move quickly through the intersection. This intersection includes pavement markings that decrease the angle at which cars are merging onto NE 8th St allowing them to merge more effectively at higher speeds.

Raised pavement markings, accompanied with painted lane markings, guide moving traffic through this intersection. Raised pavement markers easily communicate with drivers where they should drive and alert drivers if they cross over by vibrating the vehicle.

Crosswalk markings help both pedestrians and vehicles identify safe crossing areas. Though not shown above, bike lane markings are used to create delineated space for cyclists in the roadway. Sharrows are bike markings placed in the travel lane to identify where cyclists may be traveling in the roadway. If you missed our previous #trafficlingoAtoZ tweets, check them out below. 

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