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REGISTER NOW! Bellevue Neighborhoods Conference – Better Together

Join us for the first Bellevue Neighborhoods Conference, Saturday May 21, at City Hall. A full day of civic engagement workshops, keynote speaker, Becky Henchman and networking with your neighbors. Register by today (April 22nd) to save $15 and to … Continue reading

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Walk Smart!

Now that school is back in session, you’ve probably noticed the roads have gotten busier, along with the brief congestion around schools during the drop-off/pick-up times of the day. If you get frustrated with driving your kids to school try walking! Walking to school … Continue reading

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Back-To-School 2015 : Motorist Edition – Study Guide for Driving Safe Around Schools In Bellevue

Written by Andrew Kyrios, NTSS Intern You know how some people think summer break causes kids to forget everything they learned the previous school year? The same may be said of drivers: summer vacation may also cause drivers to forget … Continue reading

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You Say Speed Bump I Say Speed Hump

In 1906, a small town in New Jersey officially and successfully installed the first recorded speed bump. The town of Chatham used the ‘speed reducers’ to alert cars to pedestrians using crosswalks. On the day they were tested, hundreds of … Continue reading

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Grind and Overlay

#Grind+Overlay: replacing pavement where old pavement is ground down 2-4" + replaced w/a new layer #trafficlingoAtoZ — Bellevue Transpo (@BvueTrans) August 1, 2014 ‘Tis the season for construction projects and at the top of the list each summer is … Continue reading

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Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons in Bellevue

As the city grows, so does our transportation technology toolbox. In the past few years, the City of Bellevue Transportation Department has introduced new intelligent transportation systems such as flashing yellow arrows (FYA) and adaptive signal controls. While those technologies focus … Continue reading

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Traffic Lingo A to Z: Channelization

As with any field, sometimes we transportation professionals can use jargon terms that you may have heard but are not that familiar with. To clarify these terms, we have been publishing a twice-weekly Twitter feature on @BvueTrans to define them. #channelization: controlling … Continue reading

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Black Rubber Tubes in the Roadway: Helping to Understand Your Neighborhood

As the New Year begins, Neighborhood Traffic Safety Services will be conducting several new traffic studies that measure vehicle speed and volume in Bellevue’s neighborhoods. These studies are an integral component in how we analyze a street to determine traffic conditions. … Continue reading

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We’re Ready for Winter Weather. Are You?

Well, aside from some rain over the passes, we escaped the Thanksgiving holiday with minimal travel disruptions. Calmness in November, however, does not indicate calmness for the rest of the winter months.  In the coming months when you are out … Continue reading

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What are Chicanes?

Chicanes–or slow points–are horizontal deflections designed to slow traffic speeds and can potentially discourage cut-through traffic.  They interrupt a normally straight roadway forcing drivers to reduce their speed and navigate the chicane before continuing down the roadway.  Chicanes are just … Continue reading

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