Traffic Safety Concerns

If you would like to contact the city about a neighborhood traffic safety concern, please complete the form below.  The five steps listed here are used to analyze your concern.

  1. Submit a “Request for Action” describing your concerns in detail. If there is a specific time of day or day of the week you notice the problem to be at its worst, please make note on the form. This will help assure we get the best information during our review of your location.

    Please submit a traffic service request for parking and speed enforcement or a traffic signals and street maintenance request for a street light outage or traffic signal problem.

  2. Staff travel to the location and review traffic conditions. They may conduct speed and volume counts and/or look at previous traffic studies or reported accidents.
  3. A “Traffic Analysis Report” is developed. This plan is specifically tailored for your neighborhood based on the findings in step 2 and other citizen observations. The plan includes a list of tools best suited to address your concerns from those available in this guidebook.
  4. Together, citizens work with staff on implementing the “Traffic Action Plan.” This is your chance to become an active part in helping solve your neighborhood traffic concerns.
  5. Evaluate the effectiveness of the plan through additional follow-up studies and citizen input.

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